An alphabetical listing of all of the character and place names used in my work in progress, so far:



Raynhard Ahrend, Count of Marsbach, Younger son to the Prince of Floradias (32) Consort to Teodora

Karil Andarosz- a Marjatyan hostage

Kypris Arseo- ambassador to Zastwar

Antigonos Inferrara-Arnwald, deceased. Emperor of Olvisya, King of Moralta and Marjatya, Teodoras predecessor

Pelantho Inferra-Arnwald (28) Duke of Davesa, nephew to Antigonos, has claim equal to Teodora


Angelstein– county in Terragand, seat of Igraine Orland

Aquianus– Northwestern Kronland kingdom, ruled by Duke Dristan Fabrey

Arcius– southern Kronland kingdom ruled by Princess Alarys Zelenka

Atlona-Capital city of Olvisya



Demario Barela– Maladene general working for Teodora

Eldrid Benda– Duke of Lantura

Maxim Benet– (deceased) a noted theologian in Galladium

Floreta Bensen, Duchess of Brandana

Andres Bernotas (infant) youngest son of Kendryk and Gwynneth

Edwyn Bernotas (2) son of Kendryk and Gwynneth

Edwyn V Bernotas (deceased) Kendryks father

Ellyna Bernotas (4) eldest daughter and heir to Kendryk

Evard Bernotas (53) Duke of Terragand-Emberg- younger brother to Edwyn, Kendryk’s uncle

Rheda Bernotas-Falk, Duchess of Hauenbruck (Helvundala), Kendryks aunt/fathers sister. Married to Betlic Falk, a younger brother of Bronson, ruler of Helvundala.

Kendryk II Bernotas (21), Prince of Terragand

Lukan Bernotas (deceased) Kendryk‘s older brother and heir to Terragand

Raedan Bernotas (26) son and heir to Evard, Count of Holsten

Meryl Biaram, Countess of Grehsbach, member of Imperial Council

Miro Blavic– a Sanova Hussar

BozaBraeden Terris’s servant

Gauvain Brevard– the young king of Galladium and Kendryk‘s childhood friend


Basilika Teodora– the High Temple in Forli, seat of Imperata Vittoriana

BirkenhofKendryk’s palace

Birkenfels– castle that is the traditional seat of the Bernotas princes

Bonnenruck– Duchy in Oltena, seat of Rikarda, Kendryk’s mother

Brandana– kingdom in norther Kronland ruled by Duchess Floreta Bensen

Briansk– Empire east of Sanova



Cesiano– region of independent kingdoms south of Olvisya



Ossian Dahlby, Prince of Ummarvik

Avaron Dancey, Countess of Winsebach- lady-in-waiting to Princess Gwynneth

Franca Dura– a Sanova Hussar



Edson- a male servant at Birkenhof

Niklas Ensden, Count of Herzbirg, Teodora’s primary military commander

Ercos– the Son god

Estenor– a powerful kingdom west of Norovaea



Dristan Fabrey, Duke of Aquianus

Betlic Falk, Duke of Hauenbruck (Helvundala), married to Kendryk’s aunt Rheda Bernotas

Bronson Falk, Prince of Helvundala

Meron Faris, Ruso’s nephew and a member of Kendryk’s household guard

Ruso Faris, Count of Bryda, chief adviser to Kendryk

Flavia Maxima– head of Temple in Isenwald


Floradias-southern province of Zeelund, subject of war between Zeelund and Maladena

Forli– city in southern Cesiano, seat of the Imperata

Fromenberg– far western Kronland kingdom ruled by Duchess Keylinda Marthaler



Gergo- servant to Braeden

Greta-personal maid to Teodora


Galladium– a kingdom west of Kronland where Kendryk spent several years as a child

Girosna- fortress ceded to Zastwar

Grehsbach– County in Olvisya, seat of Meryl Biaram




Halavo– Duchy in Marjatya and seat of Ahbert Solteszy

Hauenbruck– Duchy in Helvundala, seat of Betlic Falk, Kendryk’s uncle by marriage

HelvundalaKronland kingdom north of Terragand ruled by Prince Bronson Erziner

Herzbirg– county in Olvisya, seat of Ensden

HeidenhofTerragand city, seat of Julia Maxima

Holsten-county in Terragand, seat of Raedan Bernotas

Hornfels-county in Terragand, seat of Arian Orland



Aryadna Inferrara-Ahrend (11) Duchess of Tirovor and Urwessen (Melaya is regent) and Teodoras heir

Atinos Inferrara (32) Duke of Tirilis and Prince-Consort to the Queen of Sanova, brother to Teodora

Beatriz Inferrara– Queen of Maladena, cousin to Teodora.

Teodora Inferrara (34) Empress of Olvisya, Queen of Moralta and Marjatya


Isenwald-western kingdom in Kronland, ruled by Princess Viviane Kasbirk



Julia Maxima– leader of Terragand temples



Svata, Igrita and Franz Kalina- a refugee family from Kaleva

Viviane Kasbirk– Princess of Isenwald

Kazmir- Braeden Terris’s horse

Andor KormaMarjatyan rebel leader

Anton Kronek (9)- son of Dimir, stepson of Janna

Anyezka Kronek (5)- daughter of Dimir, stepdaughter of Janna

Bora, Disla, Dusek, Iryna, Seko and Mlava Kronek- Dimir’s country relatives

Dimir Kronek– a Kaleva merchant and rebel

Janna Beran KronekDimir’s young wife


Kaleva– capital city of the Kingdom of Moralta

Kaltental– Duchy in Terragand, seat of Aidan Orland

KersenstadtTerragand city on Sanova border

Kralfeld– seat of the Barons Trevin in Terragand

Kronfels– capital city of Isenwald

Kronland– a collection of 12 autonomous kingdoms loosely attached to the Olvisyan Empire



Edric Landrus– head priest at the Runewald Temple, then Kendryk’s prisoner, later known as Edric Maximus

Livilla Maxima  (55) High Priestess of the Atlona Temple


Lantura– kingdom in western Kronland, ruled by Duke Eldrid Benda

Lubardol- fortress ceded to Zastwar



Keylinda Marthaler, Duchess of Fromenberg

Princess Edyta Martinek- Ruler of Podoska

Mina- personal maid to Gwynneth


Maladena-Southwestern kingdom ruled by Beatriz Inferrara, Teodora’s cousin

Melampis– capital city of Zastwar

Marjatya– eastern kingdom traditionally ruled by Olvisya

Moralta– eastern kingdom traditionally ruled by Olvisyan Emperor/Empress



Vluda Novitny, Prince of Galeva, commander of the Sanova Hussars


Nitrany- town near the Kronek farm in Moralta

Norovaea– kingdom north of Kronland, ruled by Andres Roussay



Octavius Maximus– head of Temple in Helvundala

Arian Orland, Count of Hornfels, younger son of Duke of Kaltental, Terragand

Osgan– the Father god


Oberfeld– capital city of Helvundala

OltenaKronland kingdom just south of Terragand, ruled by Kendryk’s aunt Gallena Sebesta

Olvisya- a kingdom at the heart of the Olvisyan Empire, traditionally ruled by the Inferrara-Arnwald family



Herryk Peloso, Prince of Tirilis

Brytta Prosnytz- secretary and lady in waiting to Teodora

Podoska- Kronland kingdom south of Terragand, ruled by Princess Edyta Martinek



Elyse Rastell- lady in waiting to Teodora

Andres V Roussay– KIng of Norovaea, Gwynneth’s father

Arryk RoussayGwynneth’s older brother and heir to the throne of Norovaea


Gwynneth Roussay-Bernotas (23) wife of Kendryk, Princess of Norovaea and Terragand


Runewald– city in Terragand, location of Landrus temple



Saira– the Mother goddess

Ossian Schurtz– mercenary general in the employ of Arian Orland

Gallena Sebesta– Princess of Oltena

Rikarda Sebesta-Bernotas (48)- Dowager Princess of Terragand and Duchess of Bonnenruck (Oltena)

Ottylia Sikora– Queen of Sanova and married to Atinos Inferrara

Ahbert Solteszy  (47) Duke of Halavo, Head of the Imperial Council and Teodora’s closest political adviser


Sanova– Kingdom north of Moralta, east of Terragand-not part of Olvisyan Empire

Sanova Hussars– a mercenary cavalry commanded by Prince Novitny, working for Teodora.



Braeden Terris, mercenary officer with the Sanova Hussars

Daciana Tomescu– guerilla commander and friend of Teodora

Reno Torresia– a captain in the Sanova Hussars

Senta Torresia- Reno’s wife and their daughters Adela, Cara and Trisa

Linette Trevin– Baroness of Kralfeld, a lady-in-waiting to Princess Gwynneth

Tura- personal maid to Teodora


Terragand– largest kingdom within Kronland, ruled by Kendryk

Tirilis- a southern Kronland kingdom ruled by Prince Herryk Peloso

Tirovor– an Olvisyan duchy ruled by Aryadna

Trest– a county in Helvundala, seat of Count Holt Millam

Truza- a town in Moralta



Ummarvik-Kingdom in norther Kronland ruled by Prince Ossian Dahlby



Vica– the Daughter goddess

Imperata Vittoriana– head of The Faith in Forli



Winsebach– a Terragand county, seat of Avaron Dancey



Alarys Zelenka, Princess of Arcius.

Zastwar– empire east of Marjatya that Olvisya has been fighting for decades

Zeelund– federation of indedpendent states on the northwestern coast


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