My novel soundtrack

musicI’m always inspired by music, though I usually prefer silence while writing. Over time, I’ve developed a “soundtrack” that represents various events or characters. At one point, I even had a soundtrack for each POV character, but that’s changed so much I had to drop it for the time being. The songs on this playlist represent about half of everything that’s inspired me, but only when it comes to popular music. I have a whole other list of classical/orchestral things that I use as well. One day I might even post it, if I can get it organized.

A few characters have theme songs. Kendryk for instance, gets The Killers’ “Carry Me Home,” and Arian (who sadly, no longer has a POV, at least for now) is Linkin Park’s “A Light that Never Comes.” Some characters share songs, while others are just general to the story. And that always changes, too.

Do you listen to music for inspiration and/or while writing? If so, what do you listen to?