Weekend Writing Warriors- Snippet 11: Braeden


It’s time for Weekend Writing Warriors! Every Sunday, a bunch of writers post 8-sentence snippets from their WIPs on their blogs. There’s a lot of reading, commenting and great writing. Click on the link to see the full list.

Even though I don’t like to spend more than two weeks with any one character- I feel like a guilty neglectful mother toward the others right now- I decided not to be cruel and leave you hanging. Last week, Braeden was standing toe-to-toe with Daciana Tomescu, a rather unpleasant piece of work. He’s pretty upset about the burning town and dead civilians, so he takes a rash step.

“Since you can’t produce any written orders, I will have to arrest you for engaging in illegal activities on Her Majesty’s lands. I’m going to Atlona, so I will take you there and  the Empress can vouch for you, if she likes.”

“You’re a brave man Braeden Terris,” Tomescu laughed, her eyes turning dark again. “The Empress won’t be happy that you interfered with me and killed some of my people. Though I suppose that shaggy head of yours will look well enough on a spike above the market gate,” she added with a shrug.

Braeden wondered how she knew his name, but didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of asking. “Lieutenant, please secure the lady,” he said to Miro, hoping his tone made it clear she was no such thing. “And Captain, please see that all the other raiders are tied together and taken back to camp.”

All previous snippets can be found here.


35 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors- Snippet 11: Braeden

  1. Great snippet, the tension between the two is palpable, and you’ve pulled in some great characterization as well – one who seems to like to play by the rules and another who… well, perhaps she prefers to make her own rules. 🙂

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