Blogging 101: Say “Hi!” to the Neighbors

Somewhat late in the day, I noticed that I’m not getting all posts in my reader. Or, what is more likely, I’m following too many blogs and skipped right over the ones I should be paying attention to. Looks like tomorrow’s assignments are already up, but I won’t let that stress me out, not even a little bit. Uh-uh.

Today’s assignment: follow five new topics in the Reader and five new blogs.

Well, that’s just dandy, considering my above problem. It appears I have no problems being social as long as it doesn’t involve actual face-to-face interaction. But, being the dutiful student I am, I completed the assignment anyway.

First, I searched some of the keywords I frequently use on my blog posts, like “historical fantasy” and “thirty years war.” And guess what I found? Mostly my own blog posts! Well, in the unlikely event of anyone searching those keywords, they will definitely find me. There just don’t seem to be many friends for me to find there, aside from the occasional book reviewer. Although the first one I saw was titled something like, “Ugh, most boring war in history!” To which I say, there are no boring wars- only boring writers. LIke me, for instance.

Anyway, I moved on, but in lazy fashion because I have yet to do anything else important with my day. I blame asthma at 7,000 feet. I did a quick scroll-through of the “blogs you might like” feature in the WordPress reader and added five new friends. Hopefully I have time to read their posts!

Waves to:

The Manicheans

Tammy Salyer

Lynette Noni

Erik Conover



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