Weekend Writing Warriors- Chapter 1 Snippet


It’s already my second week as a Weekend Writing Warrior. You can click on the banner to check out all of the great writers.  Last week was a lot of fun, so I’m excited about continuing this. Since I’m working on a rather lengthy novel, I think I”ll just continue in semi-chronological fashion for now.

Last week, there was a hint of the prologue, the events of which take place near the end of the book. This week, I’ll give you a snippet from Chapter One, back at the very beginning of our tale.

Our hero, Prince Kendryk of Terragand, has gone incognito to hear a notorious priest speak. But there’s just been an interruption.

A moment later, he was able to see the lead horseman. As he had guessed, it was his angry uncle- the Duke of  Emberg- accompanied by his eldest son. The Duke’s progress slowed as the crowd closer to Father Landrus drew into a protective huddle around him.

“Stop speaking this instant!” The Duke shouted, even though Landrus was already silent, standing calmly on his crate.

The Duke waved a parchment. “I have here a warrant from Julia Maxima authorizing your arrest as a rebel and a heretic. You will accompany me to Emberg Castle where you will await the Imperata’s justice.”

A few angry shouts rose from the crowd and the knot around Landrus tightened.

Kendryk turned to the men standing next to him. “Gentlemen,” he said, “I need your help.”

I should probably explain- Maxima is a title equivalent to an archbishop, and the Imperata is kind of like the Pope.


22 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors- Chapter 1 Snippet

  1. Wow, this sounds loaded! It sounds as if Kendryk is going to try to rescue the priest from his uncle’s clutches, that could be very risky indeed. I am sure the Duke isn’t going to be very happy with him even after he realizes exactly who it is. Intriguing.

    1. I’d like to think that Kendryk is usually a pretty cool customer. There should be at least a hint of resolution next week.

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