Major Character Mini-Profiles

You’ve probably seen these characters around this blog before, but they’ve evolved a lot since I last talked about them. In coming weeks/months, I’ll give you some more in-depth profiles, but here are some quick summaries for now.chess2The key players:

Kendryk: Only 21, he’s ruled Terragand for five years, and done it well. But when a radical priest prophesies his role in the coming chaos,Kendryk has to decide if he’ll believe him, risking everything that matters to him in the process.

Teodora: Recently succeeded to the throne of an unwieldy empire under questionable circumstances. she finds rebellions springing up faster than she can put them down. Kendryk is just another trouble-maker, for now.

Braeden: A veteran of the famous winged Sanova Hussars, he’s always been happy to fight for whoever paid him. Now he has a personal grudge against his employer, but can’t change sides without abandoning his friends and comrades.

Gwynneth: The only daughter of a powerful king, she chose to marry Kendryk over other, higher-ranking suitors. She can’t help but be ambitious on his behalf, and worries he will never take his rightful place within the Empire unless he’s willing to take a few risks.

Janna: A sheltered and naive housewife, she suddenly finds herself on the road alone with two small children after her husband is killed and her city sacked. While rulers maneuver and soldiers overrun the land, it’s the refugees who’ll pay the biggest price.


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