The First Core Competency- Concept

Prinz EugenYes, I’m still chewing over the things I’m learning from this book. I’m really enjoying the work on the characters, although it’s taking some time. I’m sure most authors don’t have six main characters! They’re starting to feel like a large, fractious family. If your family likes to kill each other for fun.

But I digress. Even though I’m working on characters, I’m still thinking about concept quite a bit. Ultimately, it’s what drives every bit of the action.

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Slow going

Based on my concept, a lot of stuff has to change. Now, I’m working my way through the characters, one by one, doing a very detailed analysis of each. It’s a bit daunting- thousands of words that won’t make it into a draft- but it’s giving me a much clearer idea of what I’m doing. Already, my protagonist is shaping up to be a lot more interesting than he was in my first draft.

I’ve changed my workflow ideas yet again. I was giving myself three days a week to just work on the novel, but somehow I’d never get around to it. So instead, I’m giving different days different priorities. For instance, today I wrote a blog post for The Elffington Post first, then got to work on my character treatment. For some reason, if I’ve already done some writing- even if it’s on a completely different topic- it’s much easier to just dive into the novel. Whatever works.