Multi-tasking fail

It seems I’m learning the hard way that I can’t write fiction and non-fiction on the same day. In theory, writing different things in two-hour blocks seems reasonable. In practice, my brain is completely unable to switch gears.

So, in the past few days, I’ve successfully written blog posts, worked on editing our next book, and less successfully, worked on a new blog template. That’s good! What’s not good is that I can’t do that stuff for a few hours, then get back into the novel.

This then, is my new plan. I’ll have fiction and non-fiction days, more than one at a time, ideally. That way, I can immerse myself in one thing for two to three days at a time and not expect my overtaxed brain to switch gears.

My head is full of The Winter King right now, so that’s what I’ll work on today, any probably tomorrow, too. The big challenge will be not completely losing it in the next week. We’ll be visiting family starting Tuesday, and that usually means that no work gets done. I’ll see if it can be different this year.


2 thoughts on “Multi-tasking fail

    1. It seems to be the best solution for me so far. Four days of dating blog/book and three of fiction. This week I was having so much fun with the fiction that I really didn’t want to stop!

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