Still alive, and writing desperately

So, the  moment I finished my 8k on NaNoThon day, I fell into bed, feeling like utter crap. It just got worse for the next five days or so, and then I very slooooowwwwly started to get better. After a good ten days, I was up for writing again.  What horrible timing, though!

Here I am, on the 21st, and I’m just shy of the 25K mark. Of course, 75K is out of the question (unless I suddenly develop a meth habit), but I think 50K is still within reach. Another complication is that I really want to be done before Thanksgiving, because I just don’t see how I’m going to work in a family visit with obsessive writing.

I can do this, if I write about 4K daily. I did it yesterday without too much trouble. Now of course, hubby is down with said flu, but he’s pretty low-maintenance, so I’ll shovel chicken soup with one hand and type with the other.


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