Whew! 8000 Words!

It was like pulling teeth for a while. That I had a late start wasn’t a huge deal, because I write best at night anyway. Still, I worked through a difficult section of plot late in the afternoon, then felt quite depleted. Even pizza and waaaay too much coffee didn’t help. So, I stared at the wall for a while.

Then, when I finally got ready to write again, my computer started acting up. This is normal behavior after MS updates, every other time or so. It means I have to restart about a half dozen times, and when all else fails, run a boot-level disk check. That usually isn’t a huge deal, but today it took about three hours. Grrrr. Ahhhh!!!

I hung out on Twitter #NaNoThon, watching other writers blow past 10K or more. One lady even had chemotherapy in the middle of it all. By then, all of the extra caffeine was making me crazier than usual.  At a fuel stop near SLC, the hubby came to my rescue with an assortment of chocolate/peanut butter and various gummy things. By then, my computer was back in the land of the living, and I was nearing optimal writing time.

So I did. I didn’t make it by midnight, but by 2 am, I’d hit my goal of 8K. At this rate, I only need to write 2,8K daily to get to 75K by the 30th. I think I’ll still shoot for 3K a day, and just make it a priority. Also need to keep in mind my night owl proclivities.  I might just be wasting my time trying to crank out a lot of words before 9 pm.


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