Bad, bad non-writer!

So embarrassing. I started off so well. The first three days were amazing- I had to force myself to stop around 3,000 words. Day four was a struggle. And then I went completely off the rails.

My asthma started acting up, so I had to take more meds, which meant I slept a ton, and couldn’t really focus when I was awake.

Then, we found ourselves in Portland, Oregon for a few days, one of the few cities in the country where I actually know people. We haven’t really spent time there in several years. A few of my closest friends have had children I have never met. Visits were very much overdue.

Besides, I lived in Portland for nearly a decade, and I miss it. The weather was glorious- windy and rainy with leaves blowing around- and there was food I had to catch up on. Some of that we were able to combine with visiting, although it meant my friends had to eat their dinner mostly standing up while trying to control their rambunctious toddler in the restaurant.  I’m so grateful they were willing to endure that for our sakes.

At least I TALKED about my novel, even if no words were actually written. And I had a really good time, and feel warm and fuzzy about catching up with everyone and getting some PDX into my system.

Now we’ve gone, but I’m having trouble getting back into the swing of things. I think for now, I will temporarily abandon any other blogs and books- at this point they’ve just become tools for procrastination-and just focus on novel novel novel.

I’ll do the marathon tomorrow. I’ll start with four hours and see if I can manage eight. That would be awesome and would totally get me back on track.


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