I did it! (a few days ago)

This is actually kind of old news, but my fingers couldn’t type anymore and then Thanksgiving (and Catching Fire) got in the way.

I got to 50K around 11 am on the 26th!

It was kind of insane. I started around 2 am with @NaNoWordSprints on Twitter, and just kept plugging away until I was done some 9 hours later. It was something like 13,000 words in one sitting. I really enjoyed it! I learned I can easily write 2500 words in an hour, and totally fake my way through complicated battle scenes. So gross and gory! So much fun!

My husband had given me one of those gigantic Reese’s cups and I had lots of coffee, so that combination powered me through.

The thing is, ugh, I’m not done! Well, we already knew that. But, I mean, I didn’t even do my outline thing to the end. So, I have tonight and tomorrow to do that. I don’t know how many more words it will take, but I still have several characters I need to, er, dispose of.

I’m not entirely sure where to end it, since all surviving characters will more or less advance to the next book. I guess that’s something I can figure out later, if I have to.  So, it’s back to the grindstone for the next day or so, after which I will have to pick up the dangling threads of my real life again.

I plan to keep working on this, though. Other people can write more than one book at a time, so why can’t I? I’m just slightly lazier than the average over-achiever, so I should be fine.

Getting close!

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 42K. I’m shooting for 6800 words today/night/morning and probably another block of the same later today. I’ve been using #NaNoWordsprints on Twitter to help me along. Turns out I can easily knock out 1200 words in 30 minutes!

I was beginning to despair that my story was kind of boring. Not in these last few chapters! All kinds of murder, mayhem- even rumors of an impalement! Next up: the Big Battle and its aftermath.

In the end, this will amount to a very detailed outline. So far, I’m adhering very closely to actual history, which I didn’t actually want to do. So, once I’ve figured out this whole plot, I’ll spend the next few months letting my imagination run wild.

Back to work!

Still alive, and writing desperately

So, the  moment I finished my 8k on NaNoThon day, I fell into bed, feeling like utter crap. It just got worse for the next five days or so, and then I very slooooowwwwly started to get better. After a good ten days, I was up for writing again.  What horrible timing, though!

Here I am, on the 21st, and I’m just shy of the 25K mark. Of course, 75K is out of the question (unless I suddenly develop a meth habit), but I think 50K is still within reach. Another complication is that I really want to be done before Thanksgiving, because I just don’t see how I’m going to work in a family visit with obsessive writing.

I can do this, if I write about 4K daily. I did it yesterday without too much trouble. Now of course, hubby is down with said flu, but he’s pretty low-maintenance, so I’ll shovel chicken soup with one hand and type with the other.

Whew! 8000 Words!

It was like pulling teeth for a while. That I had a late start wasn’t a huge deal, because I write best at night anyway. Still, I worked through a difficult section of plot late in the afternoon, then felt quite depleted. Even pizza and waaaay too much coffee didn’t help. So, I stared at the wall for a while.

Then, when I finally got ready to write again, my computer started acting up. This is normal behavior after MS updates, every other time or so. It means I have to restart about a half dozen times, and when all else fails, run a boot-level disk check. That usually isn’t a huge deal, but today it took about three hours. Grrrr. Ahhhh!!!

I hung out on Twitter #NaNoThon, watching other writers blow past 10K or more. One lady even had chemotherapy in the middle of it all. By then, all of the extra caffeine was making me crazier than usual.  At a fuel stop near SLC, the hubby came to my rescue with an assortment of chocolate/peanut butter and various gummy things. By then, my computer was back in the land of the living, and I was nearing optimal writing time.

So I did. I didn’t make it by midnight, but by 2 am, I’d hit my goal of 8K. At this rate, I only need to write 2,8K daily to get to 75K by the 30th. I think I’ll still shoot for 3K a day, and just make it a priority. Also need to keep in mind my night owl proclivities.  I might just be wasting my time trying to crank out a lot of words before 9 pm.

Bad, bad non-writer!

So embarrassing. I started off so well. The first three days were amazing- I had to force myself to stop around 3,000 words. Day four was a struggle. And then I went completely off the rails.

My asthma started acting up, so I had to take more meds, which meant I slept a ton, and couldn’t really focus when I was awake.

Then, we found ourselves in Portland, Oregon for a few days, one of the few cities in the country where I actually know people. We haven’t really spent time there in several years. A few of my closest friends have had children I have never met. Visits were very much overdue.

Besides, I lived in Portland for nearly a decade, and I miss it. The weather was glorious- windy and rainy with leaves blowing around- and there was food I had to catch up on. Some of that we were able to combine with visiting, although it meant my friends had to eat their dinner mostly standing up while trying to control their rambunctious toddler in the restaurant.  I’m so grateful they were willing to endure that for our sakes.

At least I TALKED about my novel, even if no words were actually written. And I had a really good time, and feel warm and fuzzy about catching up with everyone and getting some PDX into my system.

Now we’ve gone, but I’m having trouble getting back into the swing of things. I think for now, I will temporarily abandon any other blogs and books- at this point they’ve just become tools for procrastination-and just focus on novel novel novel.

I’ll do the marathon tomorrow. I’ll start with four hours and see if I can manage eight. That would be awesome and would totally get me back on track.

3,262 Words!

I have to admit, I’m feeling rather smug. But it helps to have some support. I logged onto the chat for the Nashville NaNoWriMo group, and that helped a lot. At midnight, we were off, ready or not. And I really wasn’t ready.  I have my first three chapters mapped out in detail, but no other outline to speak of. At least I was not alone.

But that’s okay; I just bluffed my way through the Prologue and dove straight into Chapter One. I flagged a few times, but Ben forced me to go on. What’s so great about Scrivener, is that it’s easy to jot down notes as you go. So, I could note stuff like, “need six more fake Czech names,” and that sort of thing.

I also love Scrivener’s split-screen feature, so I can have my text in the top pane, and my names/places/religions spreadsheet right below it. Hopefully I won’t need it very much once I get used to all of the weird names, but for now, it’s very helpful.

Because this was relatively easy and the day has just started, I’m considering bumping my monthly goal up to 75K. I fear it smacks of hubris, and the gods might strike me down, but there are a few others going for 100K- plus, so I’m only moderately crazy.

I think I’ll see how it goes in the next few days before I commit myself.